Page Carter lives and works in rural Millwood, Virginia.  She received a degree in Art History and Studio Art from the University of Virginia and a Masters of Architecture from Harvard University in 1987. After founding and leading a small architectural practice specializing in modern vernacular design, Page began studies at the Corcoran College of Art and received a Certificate in Painting and Drawing in 2016.  She has been a part of several group exhibitions in northern Virginia. 

Artist's Statement

As a practicing architect, I sought to create art with light, space, form, materiality and a connection to place. Now a practicing artist, I am seeking a more direct expression of those elements.  In general, I choose to make art that offers ambiguity, one that occupies the area between representation and abstraction.  I am inspired by the abstracted aerial views of Richard Diebenkorn, the emotion rich color of Mark Rothko and, the constructive qualities of Louise Nevelson.  

Architectural model building and common construction materials provide the inspiration and starting point for my relief paintings.  Creating a composition using wood shingles and shims, I build an undulating, topographic surface that evokes a landscape element or elements. The addition of subsequent layers of color connects each piece to a specific emotion, time, and place. The use of fine oil paint makes the connection back to artistic tradition.